After September


A play by Jimmie Chinn

Directed by Wyn Tagg
Produced by Michael Hurley

The staff of the Gwendolen Kyte School for Girls are an odd assortment of social misfits and eccentrics. On returning for a new term they learn that their many shortcomings have been reported to the Department of Education, but by whom?

Is the school safe is only one of the questions that needs answering, however, Miss Kyte has more pressing concerns about the disappearance of an old friend.


Mr. Smith – Stephen Hall
Miss D’Vere – Jemma Hill
Miss McBain – Janet Dawson
Miss Fisher – Marie Noblett
Miss Bickerstaff – Marion Yardley
Miss Kershaw – Carol Caine
Miss Duke – Emma Lakeland
Miss Godfrey – Debbie Taylor
Miss Pink – Janet Hindle
Miss Cross – Norma Kelly
Miss Kyte – Rachel Binks

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