Breezeblock Park

Breezeblock Park

Written by Willy Russell

Directed by

Set in the 1970’s 0n a Liverpool housing estate in the run up to Christmas, Breezeblock Park is a comedy about the ups and downs of family life. Betty is preparing the decorations and making the house neat and tide for her guests. But what she hopes will be a respectable Christmas gathering of her daughter Sandra, brother Tim and sister Reeny, becomes a maelstrom of drunken bickering and petty recriminations when Sandra reveals the shocking news that she is pregnant.
Of all the plays by Willy Russell, this may well be his laugh-out-loud funniest.
This play contains some adult themes


Syd Gary Cross
Betty Maureen Nickson
Vera Kym Ratcliffe
Tommy Tom Armitt
Ted Steve Dobson
Reeny Carol Buckley
Sandra Becca Paterson
John Lee Ratcliffe
Tim James Ainsworth
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