The Thrill of Love

The Thrill of Love

Written by Amanda Whittington

Directed by Jeff Brailsford

About 9.30pm on Easter Sunday 1955 Ruth Ellis shot and killed her lover outside the Magdala Pub in Hampstead; the first bullet missed; she pursued him round a parked car and fired a second, which took him to the ground; finally she stood over him and fired four times more…………….. one shot ricocheted off the floor and injured a bystander. She was arrested immediately by an off-duty Police Officer who took the gun from her; she said, “I’m guilty, I’m a little confused”. She was hanged in Holloway Prison on 13th July 1955, a little over three months after the shooting
A divorcee with young children aged 10 and 3, Ruth Ellis worked in the kind of nightclub where there was more than just a drink on offer …………… via nude modelling and acting she became a club hostess. The girls worked hard, played hard, and dreamed of a movie-star life. In 1953 she met the wealthy, womanising racing driver David Blakely, with whom she became obsessed. Fame came to Ruth – but not in the way she probably imagined.
Why did the relationship end in murder? Why did she plead not guilty but offer no defence? Who provided her with the gun? Why did she show no remorse? And who was she trying to protect?

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